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WTC Final: “Nice, Bouncy Brett Lee Pitch?” Ashwin Almost Gets Oval ‘Pitch Doctor’ To Reveal Details In Hilarious Conversation

"Nice, Bouncy Brett Lee Pitch?" Ashwin Almost Gets Oval Pitch Doctor To Reveal Details In Hilarious Conversation

Ravichandran Ashwin with The Oval ‘pitch doctor’ Leez.© YouTube

The World Test Championship final is here. The Rohit Sharma-led India take on Australia at The Oval, starting on Wednesday, for the ultimate prize in Test cricket. As the final draws near, one debate that has been raging on is whether India should use two spinners or one. while some have gone for two, other have preferred one spinner and four pacers. Ravichandran Ashwin stands in the middle of that debate. He bring in a wealth of experience with his off-spin and is a handy batter two. On Monday, Ashwin had a special chat with The Oval ‘pitch doctor’ Leez, who is responsible for the playing strip. Their conversation almost gave one an idea about how the pitch will behave.

Here’s how the conversation went, the video of which was shared by Ashwin on his YouTube channel.

Ashwin: There he is the pitch doctor. We have the pitch doctor from Oval who is responsible for the pitch. Hi Leez, how are you?

Leez:I am good. How are you Ravi?

Ashwin: I am good. Why are you pushing me away? Alright tell me, what have we got in store?

Leez:Good Oval pitch

Ashwin: You’ve always prepared good pitches. But today, some of our guys got hit on the practice pitches. So is it going to be similar? What do you think?

Leez: Bounce, did it bounce today?

Ashwin: Yeah, it bounced a lot today. You don’t like me. You don’t get it to spin, right?

Leez:You played for Surrey. How many wickets did you take?

Ashwin: Eight wickets. Closing comments. What do you think? Are you excited for the final? Can we expect a nice and bouncy Brett Lee pitch?

Leez:It will be bouncy. That’s one thing I can guarantee. It will be bouncy.

This is India’s second WTC final. In 2021, India face New Zealand in  the final and lost the match.

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