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HomenewshartCops Say Accused, Victim Were Married; HIV+ Claim to 'Mislead' Probe

Cops Say Accused, Victim Were Married; HIV+ Claim to ‘Mislead’ Probe

In a fresh twist to the brutal murder of Saraswati Vaidya, allegedly by her live-in partner Manoj Sane in Mumbai’s Mira Road, the couple had exchanged garlands in a temple, but there was no legal confirmation of their wedding, police sources citing the victim’s sisters told CNN-News18.

Saraswati Vaidya had been in contact with her three sisters and had informed them about the temple marriage with her live-in partner Manoj Sane, according to police officers familiar with the case

The development comes after Sane told police that he was HIV-positive and never had any physical relationship with the 36-year-old Vaidya.

According to latest updates regarding the case, Saraswati has four other sisters. At a very young age, Saraswati’s parents separated. Following the separation, she lived with her mother, but her mother passed away within a few years, officials said.

“After her mother’s demise, the victim and her sisters resided in an orphanage in Ahmednagar. She attended Jankibai Aapte Balika Ashram in Ahmednagar, where she studied from 1st to 10th standard and stayed for over ten years,” they said.

Upon turning 18, she left the orphanage and stayed with her sister in Aurangabad for four years. She later relocated to Mumbai, where she came into contact with Manoj Sane, they said.

“Sane assisted Saraswati in finding employment and accommodation as she was facing challenges in securing a job in Mumbai. Manoj also offered his house in Borivali for her to stay,” according to officials

“During their time together, they fell in love and decided to marry. Although they desired an official marriage, they ultimately got married in a temple,” an official added.

Saraswati Vaidya Introduced Manoj Sane as ‘Uncle’

After their stay in Borivali for the past seven years, the couple moved to Mira Road on the outskirts of Mumbai. Saraswati had some of her educational documents stored in the Ashram, which required her regular visits to the Ahmednagar Ashram accompanied by Manoj Sane. During these visits, she would introduce Manoj as her uncle.

Currently, statements from three sisters are being recorded and DNA tests will be conducted, the police said. “These statements hold significant importance as the sisters were in constant communication with Saraswati,” officials said, adding following forensic examination, the body parts will be handed over to her sisters for the final rites.

Police Dismiss Accused’s HIV+ Theory as ‘Misleading’

The recent revelation contradicts Sane’s previous statement to the police, in which he asserted that Saraswati died on the morning of June 3 after consuming poison. Sane said he decided to dispose Vaidya’s body after observing foam coming out of her mouth, fearing that he would be held accountable for her death. He further stated that he had planned to commit suicide after disposing of the body parts, according to a police official.

Following the statement, the police had announced that the claims would be verified and acknowledged the possibility that the accused might be attempting to mislead the investigators.

After recording statements from Saraswati’s sisters, the police have also refuted Sane’s claims of being “HIV-positive” due to the use of “infected blood during a past accident-related treatment.”

Regarding the claim related to HIV, the police stated that there is no merit to the information. “The accused is attempting to mislead the investigation by introducing such theories,” officials said.

“Even if the claim were true, it would not have any impact on the ongoing investigation,” they added.

Accused From a Wealthy Family

Manoj Sane, the accused in the Mira Road murder case, resided in Borivali before relocating to Mira Road. Coming from a wealthy family, the Sane family has a building named after them.

Manoj is the owner of flat number 702 in Sane Residency. Currently, the flat is being rented out, with tenants occupying it for the past three years. Prior to that, Manoj had two other tenants who paid a monthly rent of Rs 30,000.

Similar to Saraswati, Manoj also experienced the loss of his parents at a young age, leaving him orphaned. However, Manoj’s uncle and cousin reside in the same building. It is worth mentioning that Manoj had severed ties with them nine years ago.

Following the murder, the accused distant family members have expressed shock upon learning about this case.

Mira Road Murder Case

On Wednesday, the police discovered the dismembered body parts of Saraswati Vaidya inside a flat located in the Naya Nagar area of Mira Road in Thane district. Some of the body parts were found cooked in a pressure cooker and others were roasted. The rented flat had been occupied by Vaidya and Sane, as confirmed by the police.

Sane has been remanded in police custody until June 16.



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