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HomenewshartThis Young Entrepreneur's Journey from Bengal's Raniganj to Stanford Is A Tale...

This Young Entrepreneur’s Journey from Bengal’s Raniganj to Stanford Is A Tale Of Inspiration; Read Here

Last Updated: June 09, 2023, 07:32 IST

Anjali Barman created an app in 2021. (News18)

Anjali Barman created an app in 2021. (News18)

Some promising start-up companies are allowed to study at their own expense by the university. Stanford University’s research team selects some such organisations across the world and invites them every year

Anjali Barman, a young woman from Raniganj, created headlines when she developed an app ‘Ema’ to chat with a friend. Today, she is the only Indian woman to be selected for Standford University’s Executive Education programme.

Barman received an invitation letter from Stanford University in California for higher studies recently. This year, only eight people got the opportunity, out of which Anjali is the first Indian woman in this year’s programme.

Anjali Barman shared the application process with Local 18 to help other Indian students like her get into a university as prestigious as Stanford.

According to Barman, Stanford University offers two types of executive education courses- individual and organisational executive courses.

Individual i.e. if a student wants to learn this subject, he/she has to apply for admission to the course. The application can be done from the university’s official website. If selected, the university authorities inform. In many cases, some short-term courses can be done online.

And the second course is organization based. This course is for those who are working as directors, or CEOs of an organization, and can take up the programme on behalf of that organization. The organization has to apply for it.

The online application can be submitted by visiting the official website of the university.

However, some promising start-up companies are allowed to study at their own expense by the university.  Stanford University’s research team selects some such organisations across the world and invites them every year. Anjali Barman has also been invited.

Why Anjali Barman was selected by Stanford University?

Anjali said she created a company in 2021 with a partner and created a company to manage the working of the app. Currently, many people are working in the company created by her with IIT graduates working at a decent salary.

On the other hand, the app developed by her company has become very popular in countries outside India. From that point of view as a start-up company, the company has made huge gains over the past few years. This huge rise of a start-up company in a very short period has caught the attention of Stanford University, which prompted them to offer an executive programme invitation to Barman.

“The cost of this three-year course at Stanford University is about three crore rupees. In these three years, her research and study expenses are also included. The whole of which will be borne by the Stanford University authorities,” she said.

The invitation letter was sent by the university and the plane ticket has already arrived at Anjali’s home in Raniganj. The university will also arrange for study and accommodation there. Anjali Barman will leave for California this month.

Barman studied at Gandhi Memorial School, a Bengali Medium School in Raniganj. She developed some physical ailments before completing her higher secondary education. It was then that she decided to establish herself as an entrepreneur while spending time at home.

She later went to Bangalore after higher secondary where she made an app as a team leader, which is a virtual personal room for two people to talk privately. Soon this app gained popularity in other countries outside India.



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