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Your Daily Astrological Prediction for Gemini, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Scorpio and Other Zodiac Signs

HOROSCOPE TODAY, 12 JUNE, 2023: In today’s Oracle reading, Aries can be seen embracing individuality and create harmony in relationships. Trust instincts in career. Stay authentic, detached in office. While Taurus might build trust and patience in relationships. Seek stability in romance. Meticulousness leads to career success. Avoid office conflicts. Cancerians may prioritize emotional connection in relationships. Seek intimacy and trust in romance. Trust instincts in career. Leos on the other hand boldly express love in relationships. Embrace passion in romance. Tap into creativity and leadership for career success. Rise above conflicts in office. Charisma and confidence in new ventures.


Respect each other’s uniqueness and establish harmony in your partnership. You’re in for passion and adventure; be open to new things. Success is attainable if you follow your gut and move forward boldly. Remain genuine and separate from office squabbles; concentrate on your own development. Your new business will succeed if you have creative ideas and are flexible. Maintain a healthy balance between your body, mind, and spirit for total wellbeing. Communicate with love and compassion while seeking understanding. The lucky colour for you is Royal Blue, lucky number is 22 and sighting of a 4 leaf clover is a lucky sign.


Trust and endurance are your anchors and lasting connections take time to develop. Enjoy the delights of love, revel in passionate times, and embrace sensuality. Utilise your tenacity and resolve issues if any. Consistent advancement will result in career fulfilment. Maintain integrity, abstain from power battles, and concentrate on working together. Keep your goals realistic and focused; success will come from persistent effort. Self-care is important; nourish your body and enjoy physical activity. Build a strong foundation for your family and invest on building a supportive atmosphere. The lucky colour for you is Violet, lucky number is 4 and possessing a clear quartz crystal is a lucky sign.


Sincere conversations are the key to connection, so embrace communication and speak your mind with honesty. Don’t be afraid to let wonder and spontaneity lead your romantic meetings; enjoy the playful nature of love. Adopt a flexible and adaptable mindset and welcome change to seize new chances. Focus on bridging gaps and discovering common ground while remaining impartial and courteous. Embrace your inherent adaptability and investigate several options; flexibility is going to be your key path to achievement. Maintaining mental health and seeking intellectual stimulation are important. Encourage your family’s intellectual development by engaging in open discussion. The lucky colour for you is Neon Pink, lucky number is 12 and using an aroma diffuser is a lucky sign.


Make emotional connection a priority and create a loving environment for your loved ones; embrace vulnerability. Seek emotional intimacy and trust; in matters of love, let your heart guide you. Listen to your intuition and trust your instincts; they will lead you to professional fulfilment. Maintain compassion and support; use empathy to build a healthy work atmosphere. Develop emotional intelligence and empathic leadership; it will propel your new business to success. Concentrate on your emotional well-being; find solace in self-care practises; and seek help when necessary. Create a loving sanctuary inside your family by nurturing emotional relationships. The lucky colour for you is Crimson, lucky number is 55 and sighting of an eagle is a lucky sign.


Accept passion and communicate your love with conviction; let your heart radiate in your interactions. Step into the limelight and indulge in the excitement of romance; lavish your adoration. Utilize your inventiveness and leadership abilities; success will come from your unique abilities. Rise above disagreements and set a good example; your genuineness will encourage others. Allow your charisma and drive to guide your new venture; believe in yourself. Make self-expression a priority and find satisfaction in artistic activities; let your inner light show. Provide comfort and happiness to your loved ones by being an endless source of strength. The lucky colour for you is Midnight Blue, lucky number is 24 and possessing a hand woven carpet is a lucky sign.


Focus on realism and straightforward communication; build trust in each other. Seek reliability and stability in your romantic efforts; unwavering loyalty allows love to grow and thrive. Pay close attention to detail and be careful in your job; your efforts will pay off. Maintain discipline and concentration on your goals; avoid getting involved in pointless clashes. Accept your analytical abilities and attention to detail; meticulous planning is critical for your new business. Maintain an atmosphere of equilibrium in all aspects of your life and prioritise your own health and well-being. Provide concrete support and stability to your loved ones and show how much you care through your actions. The lucky colour for you is cream, lucky number is 1 and sighting of a sandalwood stick is a lucky sign.


In your relationships, strive for harmony and balance; cultivate a sense of fairness and equity. Appreciate love and beauty in all of their guises; let aesthetics and charm guide your romantic adventures. In your professional pursuits, promote teamwork and diplomacy and seek win-win solutions. Promote workplace peace and fairness, and resolve conflicts with grace and comprehension. Form alliances and collaborations; working together will be the key to your new venture’s success. Find balance between work, relationships, and self-care. Make your family an appealing and harmonious environment; strive for fairness and understanding. The lucky colour for you is tan brown, lucky number is 8 and blossoming of an indoor plant is a lucky sign.


Trust your instincts and dive deep into emotional intimacy and transformation in your relationships. In your amorous experiences. Embrace fire and passion, let go of inhibitions, and finally succumb to love. Accept your power by trusting your intuition and tapping into your latent potential. Avoid manipulative behaviour by navigating power dynamics with intelligence and subtlety. In your new venture, push for transformation and reinvention. Let go of old routines and embrace change. Accept healing and transformation at all levels; let go of emotional baggage for better health. Foster deep ties and emotional bonds among your close group of friends; support one another during difficult times of transition. The lucky colour for you is white, lucky number is 33 and sighting of a nightingale a lucky sign.


In your partnerships, welcome adventure and spontaneity; seek freedom and progress together. Seek for fresh experiences and connections; allow your spirit to roam freely in things of the heart. Appreciate your wanderlust and seek opportunities to broaden your horizons; pursue your interests. Maintain an open mind and absorb different points of view. Avoid being limited by inflexible frameworks. Cultivate your adventurous attitude and take calculated risks; imaginative thinking and flexibility will be critical to the success of your new enterprise. Maintain your physical activity and explore physical activities that bring you delight; prioritise your mental and emotional well-being. Encourage personal development and exploration within your immediate circle, and support one another’s goals. The lucky colour for you is Grey, lucky number is 9 and sighting of a horseshoe is a lucky sign.


Accept consistency and dependability in your relationships; establish solid foundations built on trust. In your love endeavours, seek commitment and long-term security; slow and steady wins the race. Maintain your focus and discipline; your hard work and dedication will pay off professionally. Stay grounded and focused on your personal development; avoid unnecessary power battles. Make the most of your practicality and discipline by developing a strong plan for your new enterprise. Maintain a healthy work-life balance by embracing a disciplined schedule and prioritising self-discipline. Give your family security and support; show your love through tangible acts. The lucky colour for you is Green, lucky number is 2 and wearing an opal stone is a lucky sign.


Encourage freedom and open-mindedness in your relationships while embracing your individuality. Seek out unique and thought-provoking relationships; let friendship serve as the basis for romance. Think creatively and innovatively to achieve professional achievements; embrace innovation. Keep your distance and objectivity; approach disagreements with reason and an open mind. Think outside the box and embrace your creativity; your innovative ideas will distinguish your new business. Put your mental and emotional health first; take part in intellectually stimulating activities. Always try to build uniqueness and encourage an open dialogue amongst your peer group. The lucky colour for you is Brown, lucky number is 11 and sighting of a cactus plant is a lucky sign.


In your interactions, build deep emotional connections by embracing compassion and empathy. Surrender to the power of love and let your imagination drive your romantic experiences. Use your intuition and trust your instincts; your sensitivity is a wonderful advantage in your profession. Encourage compassion and empathy in the workplace; avoid getting caught up in office dramas. Trust your instincts and embrace your creativity. Let your imagination guide your new venture. Prioritise emotional well-being and engage in creative channels; take refuge in artistic endeavours. Provide unconditional love and support to your family; foster emotional relationships and understanding. The lucky colour for you is Powder Blue, lucky number is 38 and sighting of a bird’s feather is a lucky sign.

(The author Pooja Chandra is founder, Citaaraa – The Wellness Studio)



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